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A behaviour interventionist (BI) supports and implements a patient care plan created by a board-certified behaviour analyst (BCBA). They provide ABA interventions that encourage socially acceptable replacement behaviours so clients can build and improve upon their communication, social interaction, and problem-solving skills. What this looks like in practice varies greatly, since behavioural therapy is so specific to an individual patient’s needs.

The job duties BI’s perform every day include:

  • Be ethical in providing support
  • Providing direct client care in one-on-one and group settings
  • Following the behaviour reduction and behavioral skill acquisition protocols
  • Collecting and recording data based on client behaviour
  • Communicating with clients, parents, and caregivers regarding client progress
  • Assisting behaviour analysts and assistant behaviour analysts with behaviour reduction assessments and skills acquisition
  • Assisting behaviour analysts and assistant behavior analysts in the preparation of client materials

It is ultimately up to your supervisor (BCBA) to determine the tasks that will be performed day to day, as they are responsible for your actions. But because an BI’s range of support can extend so widely within a patient’s care plan, they must have excellent written, verbal, and time management skills, as well as the ability to develop and maintain relationships with the patient, supervisors, family members, and community members. And because they aren’t licensed to diagnose and create their own behavioural interventions, BIs must also use sound judgment and seek appropriate consultation from their supervisor to ensure treatment is provided without disruption to the client, others, and the environment.

A BI plays an integral supporting role in a patient’s care. BIs can work in clinical settings or provide therapy in home and in the community. Under the supervision of their BCBA, they’ll use ABA interventions to teach communication, social, and daily living skills and reduce problematic behaviors.

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