Employment Central - Bookkeeper



  •  File invoices daily and weekly
  •  Enter and file supplier invoices
  •  Confirm supplier invoices when shipments received (coordinate with sales manager).
  •  Organize, enter and file incoming mail.
  •  Assist in bi-monthly payroll, remittance, paying monthly GST and corporate taxes.
  •  Identify issues with customer and supplier invoices and coordinate with other staff to resolve or escalate.
  •  Reconcile Visa and banking accounts
  •  Ensure visa slips are filed
  •  Ensure supplier invoices and all bills are filed.
  •  Update and follow filing and bookkeeping procedures
  •  Assist with basic sales when needed
  •  Assist in preparing deposits.
  •  Another language is an asset 
  •  Bookkeeping experience
  •  Strong organizational skills
  •  Effective communications skills
  •  Ability to learn/use a variety of online and in-house systems
  •  LightSpeed - Point of Sale (service, ordering, inventory)
  •  AccountEdge - Bookkeeping, accounts payable.
  •  Online Systems - various ways of ordering from different vendors
  •  Use of email/Wiki/messaging/Phone/ to communicate with staff and vendors for purpose of reconciling accounts.
  •  Ability to improve procedures and workflow
  •  Ability to generate monthly statements
  •  Weekly attention to accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
  •  Ability to find identify lost revenue in various accounts (i.e., return part not received by Apple Service)
  •  Initial Training Requirements:
  •  Complete basic POS (Lightspeed) training (in order to export sales data)
  •  Complete basic GSX training (to be able to view invoices) 

Employment Central is operated by Judy L Corley Consulting Inc. and is funded by Government of Yukon, Economic Development and Service Canada