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Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Yukon Learn Society

A. Job Summary:

This position is primarily responsible for researching and maintaining effective beginner/basic-level digital literacy curricula through reviewing and writing instructional materials, learning material aids, and assessing audio¬visual resources for content and accuracy, while providing computer literacy instruction. The Curriculum Developer will work specifically in topics such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook as well as smartphones, tablets, and other devices with the internet and other related areas. Reporting to the Program Manager, the Curriculum Developer will ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of Yukon Learn Society’s digital literacy course programs.

B. Primary Duties: 

  • Research and maintain effective curriculum through reviewing, writing instructional materials, learning material aids, and assessing audio­visual resources for content and accuracy 
  • Coordinate, plan, organize and develop both theoretical and practical lessons in areas of technologies, smart devices and computer-related instruction 
  • Develop beginner-level digital literacy programs and courses
  • Consult and liaise with other instructors as needed to integrate program/ course content or to team-teach 
  • Report status and progress of programs and make recommendations 
  • Research and develop assignments, and review literacy materials and tools for use recommendations
  • Work closely, and maintain excellent relations with Yukon University and Frist Nations 
C. Other Duties: 

  • Client case management, including maintaining accurate records of student assessment, progress reports, attendance, background information, etc.
  •  Assign and review the work of students
  • Provide instruction in both a group and one-on-one setting in person and online
  • Stay current in subject area, the latest technologies and adult education while ensuring program/course relevance by participating in relevant professional activities and liaising with other instructors/institutions 
  • Provide support to tutors, volunteers and clients 
  • Provide information on the Yukon Learn Society 
  • Research technologies that will be useful to learners 
  • Attend meetings as required 
  • Other duties as assigned 
D. Qualifications: 

  • Educational background and/or experience and/or training with a strong knowledge of all technology, education, and literacy issues as it relates to adults 
  • Good understanding of popular devices (such as Windows and Mac OS, Microsoft Office, smartphones, tablets, computer software, and other emerging technologies)
  • Strong knowledge of issues surrounding learning disabilities and various learning styles of adults
  • Knowledge of the social conditions and dynamics prevailing in Yukon communities

Office Equipment Skills: 

  • Proficiency in Mircosoft Office: Excel, Word and Outlook. 
  • Ability to operate computers and instruct clients in the most recent devices, software & telephone, fax, photocopier, calculator, LCD projector, overhead etc. 

Management Skills: 

  • Time management skills, 
  • Coordination and planning skills, 
  • Ability to develop classroom lesson plans
  • English writing skills 
Interpersonal Skills: 
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural setting
  • Good organization skills
  • Public speaking ability
  • Troubleshooting skills 
  • Ability to liaise with various agencies, institutes
  •  Ability to work cooperatively with others

E. Personal Suitability: 

This position requires an individual who is genuinely interested in technology, education and literacy issues as it relates to Yukon Adults. The ideal candidate can establish cooperative working conditions, diplomacy, tact and good judgment when dealing with learners, tutors, contractors, facilitators and community members, and must maintain confidentiality and be dependable and trustworthy.

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