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Field Biologist/Technician

Duka Environmental Services Ltd.

Duka Environmental Services is looking for physically fit, motivated students and recent graduates interested in working outdoors and in a wide variety of habitats and conditions. Successful applicants must have a willingness to work under highly variable weather conditions and changing priorities. Regular and routine visitation of ponds, marshes and other water bodies, both temporary and permanent, is required to ensure the timely identification of developing mosquito populations, their collection and control. Field staff will be working in and around helicopters for several days.

Successful applicants will develop effective, and useful, field sampling and surveying skills as they work independently, and as part of a larger team. Practical skills to be further developed include field data book entry and activity record keeping, sample collection, preservation and labelling, electronic data collection, GPS use/tracking of activities and mapping of habitats.

Must have excellent communication skills and a friendly and enthusiastic disposition as there is a significant amount of interaction with the public, property owners and business operators. Must be comfortable approaching the public and property owners to initiate conversations and follow up on requests for more program information.

The work term can start as early as mid-April (depending on availability after exams) and extend into August.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Field surveying, monitoring, site mapping and control of mosquito populations. Use of a Laptop to record and report (WordTM/ExcelTM-based software) observations and all required data.  Photographs, electronic mapping updates using Google EarthTM and Google Earth ProTM.   Daily check in procedures and provision of planned work schedule. 
  2. Maintain a daily, accurate and complete log of all activities, contacts, surveillance and control.
  3. Use of biological control products including Bacillus thuringiensis var.  israelensis (VectoBac 200G, PCP # 18158) to control larval mosquito infestations.
  4. Schedule and organize daily activities to maximize program efficiency and efficacy. 
Field Requirements:
  1. This is a field position which requires some flexibility of daily work hours. Work is outdoors in various weather conditions and terrain.   
  2. Responsible, mature attitude, good work ethic and ability to work and live Independently, as required.  Must be physically fit and able to adapt to changing priorities.         
  3. Post-secondary education in biology, chemistry or related science.
  4. Entomology and/or pesticide use experience an asset.
  5. Good interpersonal and organizational skills.     
  6. Valid driver's licence.   Please indicate if you have and "N", and # years safe driving. 
  7. A reliable vehicle is required.  There is no rough or extreme off road driving required.  
  8. Current resume with handwritten cover letter.  References are required at time of application.
  9. Pesticide Applicators Certificate issued by the BCMOE.    To be completed before field work starts in April.  Self-study kit and materials are supplied.  Certificate examination (3 hours) is open book using study kit supplied.   We will assist employee in becoming certified. 
  • The work week averages 37.5 hours, ~161.25 hrs/month.  Salary is $3,225 /month $20.00/hour.  Paid 15th and 31st by e-transfer. 
  • Reimbursement for personal vehicle use ($0.48km) while completing work-related duties will be provided.   Costs for insurance upgrade (to business use) for work use provided.
  • Expenses for work related disbursements will be reimbursed following submission of receipts and completed expense account forms.   

  • Email Resume with handwritten (preferred) cover letter to duka@telus.net.        
  • Duka Environmental Services Ltd. would like to thank all applicants in advance for their interest. Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted. 
  • Not all submitted applicants will be interviewed.    

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