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Media Marketing

Northern Cultural Expressions Society

Position: Media Marketing 

Full time: 37.5 Hours a week

Rate: $25/Hour

This is a contracted position from May 16th- August 12, 2023, for 450 Hours.

Job Description:

The media marketing position is responsible for introducing innovative media and advertising plans for product branding. The Media Marketing Position will require building and maintaining good relationships with members of the organization and identifying new relevant advertising and promotional concepts.  The job duties of media marketing executives include negotiating with different media outlets, planning and scheduling media campaigns, undertaking research, and analyzing the impact of promotional and advertising activities while working with the program coordinator(s). 

  • Maintain Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram & NCES Website 
  • Advertisement: Radio advertisement, newspaper, posters 
  • Photograph & Document activities and events 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Reliable contact information 
  • Means of transportation 
  • Compliance with Covid19 Procedures & Regulations 

Required Experience:

To obtain the media marketing position, one must have relevant experience in the media industry and should have excellent communication and creative skills. Media marketing professionals with graduate degrees in advertising or marketing are highly preferred

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