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Programming and Venue Coordinator

Yukon Arts Centre


The Programming and Venue Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the programming and venue needs of Yukon Arts Centre and artists are satisfied (pre-event planning, event management including FOH duties, set-up/strike, technical requirements, post event follow up).

Results to be achieved:
  1. Ensure satisfaction by artists, presenters, and renters when co-ordinating all aspects of all presentations, residencies, exhibitions, workshops, touring, and ensure events are run smoothly.
  2. Ensure that clients, staff and volunteers operate safely and in accordance with Yukon Arts Centre policy and procedure guidelines.
  3. Ensure effective and timely communications internally among Yukon Arts Centre staff and externally with Yukon Arts Centre partners and clients.
  4. Ensure good morale and teamwork among stage crew and volunteers.
  5. Ensure that both professional touring artist’s and local artist’s production needs are met or exceeded.
  6. Ensure that relations with local arts groups, performers and renters are managed with diplomacy, patience and a lack of complaint.
  7. Ensure professional operation and superior customer service by front of house/bar/volunteer team.


Programming Services:
  1. Manage the creation and delivery of all rental and programming contracts, mous, residencies.
  2. Liaise with groups and renters requesting the use of YACC venues and provide guidance to them through set-up, installation, and strike of their events, in consultation with the Director of Production.
  3. Co-ordinate all recruitment, training, scheduling, supervision, recognition of volunteers, FOH and Bar Staff.
  4. Deliver Health and Safety policy and procedure orientations to new and current volunteers on an ongoing basis to support them in their role.
  5. Maintain the volunteer software (Volunteer Local) which tracks shifts, contact information, and statistical info for annual reporting.
  6. Have a working knowledge of Theatre Manager Ticketing software.
  7. Liaise with clients, presenters or artists to determine all event requirements, in consultation with the Director of Programming and Director of Visual Arts.
  8. Ensure that information is shared among staff as may be required.
  9. Co-ordinate logistics for the Hanging Sky Tour – an annual series of rural touring presentations.
  10. Co-ordinate logistics for community outreach programming and Residencies.
  11. Assist production staff with set-up, running, strike of events, as may be required.
  12. Ensure that all events and exhibition related paperwork is completed in a timely and accurate fashion including contracts, show reports, time sheets etc.
  13. Maintain general administration for rentals, programming, and gallery.
  14. Assist the Programming Team in planning, where needed.

Front of House/Bar Services:
  1. Perform duties of House Manager/Volunteer Co-ordinator at all YAC events at the Main Stage Theatre, Old Fire Hall, Gallery openings, School Outreach Tours, Kids Kreate, Kids Festival, Culture Days, and Special Events.
  2. Recruit, support/train, and schedule YACC Volunteers FOH and Bar Services for YACC and Old Fire Hall.
  3. Provide accurate and transparent financial tracking systems for Front of House and Bar Services.
  4. Follow front of house opening procedures to ready Theatre/Old Fire Hall/Gallery for audience, including the setup of equipment and product required for each event (building walk through, turning on lights, stocking volunteer supplies, coordinating the stuffing of programs, setting up merchandise table, catering set-up, organizing coat check etc.)
  5. Maintain internal tracking system to ensure all volunteers are up to date on all required training and orientation to volunteer at YACC.
  6. Arrange the purchase of liquor liability insurance for applicable events
  7. Arrange the renewal of liquor licenses for Yukon Arts Centre and Old Fire Hall
  8. Complete house report following each event including ticket scan counts, bar report, volunteer/patron feedback and incident reports. Submit each report to Director of Programming.
  9. Report upon lost & found items and store appropriately
  10. Secure, deposit, and report upon monies received
  11. Liaise with Finance to ensure that Bar floats are maintained and reported on.
  12. Oversee the use of gallery, lobby, studio theatre, and all public areas by clients and audiences during events.
  13. Work with clients to determine events needs including, but not limited to, lobby set-up, signage, performance times, intermission, distribution of programs, and lobby sales.
  14. Initiate event post-mortems with casual Front of House /Bar staff and volunteers where required and deliver feedback to Director of Programming.
  15. Respond to compliments, complaints, and concerns, from the public and relay information to YACC Management.

Supervision of Staff

The Programming and Venue Co-ordinator schedules all casual FOH/Bar staff where assigned for YACC events. The Programming and Venue Co-ordinator participates as an interview panel member in casual staff recruitment, assists with training of casual FOH/Bar staff, and provides input regarding employee performance evaluations in conjunction with the Director of Programming. The Director of Programming has the final authority when recruiting staff, sets the direction for training and completes the written employee performance evaluations. The Programming and Venue Co-ordinator may need to direct casual technicians at the Old Fire Hall, in the absence of the Director of Production.

1. Education/Experience
Graduation from a recognized theatre technical programme (college or university) and
one (1) year of basic arts administration experience (contracts, filing, cheque requisitions, hotel/travel booking).
An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be considered.

2. Knowledge:
1. Basic computer knowledge, in particularly in interfacing laptops and projection (PC and MAC)
2. Basic knowledge of recruitment and performance management principles and practices
3. Good working knowledge of all Box Office/Bar Software (Theatre Manager, Bar POS, etc.) and ticket scanners.

3. Skills:
1. Basic theatre technician skills
2. Basic office administration skills
3. Good interpersonal skills
4. Effective verbal and written communication skills
5. Good customer service skills
6. Effective problem-solving-skills

4. Abilities:
1. Ability to work well with other technical staff and Yukon Arts Centre Staff.
2. Ability to work effectively with staff, partners and clients.
3. Ability to schedule casual employees and volunteers.

There will be a six-month probation period. Access to benefit program after 3 months employment and staff RRSP matching program.

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