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Quality Assurance & Inspection Analyst

Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in

Reporting to the Director of Housing and Infrastructure, this position is responsible for enhancing the Department’s ability to identify, monitor, track and report on performance standards related to repairs, preventative maintenance, renovations and the construction of new housing and infrastructure. This position makes data-based recommendations that improve planning and decision-making, and facilitate continuous improvement processes and opportunities designed to improve the Department’s effectiveness and capacity. This position assists the Department's management team to pinpoint gaps and other areas of concern from a training, policy and procedure perspective, and assists supervisors and work crews in the course of their maintenance, repair and renovation work to improve their skills and knowledge. The incumbent advises on the development, tracking, monitoring and reporting of Department-wide performance standards, and conducts random and scheduled inspections of work performed by staff and external contractors. The position works closely with the Tenant Relations Officer to identify, track, monitor and resolve tenant issues and concerns, as per the TH Rental Housing Policy and the Yukon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and works with the Housing & Facilities Data Analyst to ensure that the Department accurately and consistently tracks, analyzes and reports on operational and tenant data.   
Essential Qualifications:  
  • Post-Secondary Degree in construction, operations or engineering management, planning, property management or another related field of study such as quality assurance or engineering. An equivalent combination of education, knowledge, skills and experience may be considered.  
  • Proficient knowledge in housing and building/facility symptoms, including mechanical, plumbing, heating and cooling and electrical. 
  • Proficient knowledge of property management or physical assets management theory, principles and practices combined with demonstrated work experience related to housing / property management. 
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in understanding national and Yukon housing, building and property codes. 
  • Proficient knowledge and experience in inspecting worksites and processes, and in collecting, monitoring and reporting on performance standard data, often technical (regulations, codes, etc.) in nature. 
  • Knowledge and experience of appropriate procurement for government needs including estimating, researching pricing, obtaining competitive quotes, open and invitational tendering and making of request for proposals  
  • Working knowledge of CMHC, INAC, Yukon Housing and other Housing programs and services.  
  • Knowledge and understanding of forecasting housing costs, preparation of budgets, budget control, and financial procedures for purchasing and making payments. 

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