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Support Worker

Care and Share Family Help Services

All positions start as auxiliary/on-call. 
Part-time/auxiliary positions may work into full-time after trial period and job suitability is assessed.

Care and Share is ultimately looking to hire 2 full-time staff and 1 on-call/auxiliary position.

1. Home Support Worker specializing in working with individuals with dementia.

2. Working with clients in and outside of their homes, providing various care levels and "personal assistant" type tasks. 

Providing in-home support to individuals who may have health challenges that may include physical, emotional, and mental limitations. Working with the vulnerable demographic, including seniors, elders, and those who may or may not have other limitations, which require them to need in-home support. 

Hours of work dependent on individual client needs. Job may require working with multiple clients per day and travelling to and from each client.

Duties may include, light house keeping, companionship, meal prep, booking and attending appointments with or without client. Keeping a daily log of hours and tasks completed with each client, as well as keeping a "communication log" for the family and other team members to contribute to on a daily basis.

The ability and willingness to openly and effectively communicate (orally and in written form) on a daily basis with the team is required.
MUST BE agreeable to flexible with availability to work various hours and days during trial and assessment period (even if flexibility it is not needed at the time), in order to qualify for full-time employment. **Clients require care during various hours of the day and night. It is important to understand their needs as they shift with the different times of day. Job shadowing may be required prior to integration/working independently with a client.**

Care and Share works very much as a team and therefore, requires individuals who are willing and able to be a strong member of that team.

MUST HAVE excellent communication skills - both written and oral
MUST HAVE level 4 security clearance for working with the vulnerable sector.
MUST HAVE the utmost level of honesty and integrity, Care and Share offers "old school" care that is representative of "your word is your promise".
MUST BE non-judgemental, as some of the clients have intricate challenges (and have experienced prejudicial treatment, which has caused trauma).

Desired qualifications:

1. Driver's License
2. Experience working with individuals with various levels of challenges that impact their ability to live independently/without support.
3. Any certifications in the healthcare industry, demonstrating your ability to adapt, provide client directed care, and appreciate diversity in a global sense.
4. First Aide certification
5. Any other certification that is helpful when working in the "healthcare" industry (ie. ASIST)

Positions will be filled based on overall suitability for the job requirements. They include: 
- Patience, understanding, compassion
- The desire to improve the quality of life for all involved with the client (not just the client).
- The ability to navigate clients who may be confused, mildly confrontational/dispute your opinion, etc. 
- Be diplomatic in conflict resolution. 
- The ability to support clients physically with transitioning from chair to walking, getting into and out of a vehicle, getting into and out of bed, etc.

Clients invite us into their homes and the most private areas of their lives. It is imperative that all employees commit to upholding the privacy and integrity of the privileged positions we hold. Especially when working with the vulnerable sector.


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