Employment Central

Job Seeker Services

Walk-in services:

Computer and printer access:

Everyone is welcome to use the three on-site computers. All have Microsoft Word, access to the Internet, and printers to assist you with your job search.

Phone and fax machine access:

Everyone is welcome to use the phone and fax machine to send and receive documents related to job-hunting.


Don't have a local phone number? No problem! Use the Employment Central phone number on your resume, and the Employment Assistants will take messages for you from potential employers.

One-on-one appointments:

Boardroom access:

Need a quiet space to do a Zoom job interview, complete an online training course (such as WHMIS), or to complete your on-boarding documents for a new job? Call us to book our boardroom and laptop. We can help you get set up and navigate these digital processes.

Resume and cover letter assistance:

Whether its crafting something from nothing, providing feedback on what you currently have, tailoring your professional documents for a specific job opportunity, or sharing templates, tips, and tricks – we can do it all.

Career counselling:

Between jobs? Feeling burned out and in need of a change? Planning your next big career move? Or maybe you are new to the world of work! Book with us so we can help you sort out exactly what you are looking for.

Interview prep:

Prepare with us for your next big interview by reviewing expectations about the interview process, the types of questions you may be asked, and mock interview practice.

Job search supports:

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve looked for a job or maybe this is your first time – either way - if you’re lost, we can: show you where to start, teach you some job-hunting skills, help you apply for jobs, help you create profiles on jobs boards, and assist you in navigating the job-hunting process in general. The Canada Job Bank includes great resources and tools to support your journey towards employment - we can help you get set up on Job Bank and make the best use of what it has to offer.

Referrals for psychological and/or educational assessments:

Do you require workplace or learning support to accept or keep a job or to participate in training?  An employment counsellor can assist you in applying for funding from the Government of Yukon to cover the cost of professional assessment services or supports.  See more info on the Working Up Funding Program

Funding for training programs:

Our employment counsellors can assist eligible individuals in applying for funding from the Government of Yukon to cover the cost of training programs. See more info on the Working Up Funding Program

Funding for wage subsidies:

If you are having difficulty finding employment because you lack work experience or are not fully qualified for the work you wish to do, our employment counsellors can help you explore options for obtaining a wage subsidized position.

Referrals to other Yukon service-providers:

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