Employment Central

EC Staff

Lynn Sparks - Manager

Lynn took over the Manager’s role at Employment Central in December 2021.  She is a social worker by profession who has worked in many areas of health and social services and has lived in the Yukon since 2009. She is keen to use her skills and experience to help Yukoners develop their career potential and obtain employment that is a good fit for their skills and interests.  

Shaun Newsome - Employment Counsellor

Shaun joined Employment Central in the Fall of 2021.  His professional background includes over 25 years in the field of employee and management development.  Originally for Halifax, NS., he and his family have been in the Yukon since 2008.  He is passionate about helping individuals find education, training and employment options that support employment stability and career growth.         

Justin Grenier – Employment Counsellor

Justin started work at Employment Central as an Employment Counsellor in June 2022. Justin moved to the Yukon in 2019, after a 10-year career taking care of trees in and around Toronto. Since arriving, he has been a stay-at-home Dad and a supply teacher for the Department of Education. 

Justin’s areas of interest include innovation, education, religion, language and semantics. At Employment Central, he brings a positive, inquiring approach to resume and cover letter writing and case management.  

Kate Cecco – Employment Counsellor

Kate joined Employment Central as an Employment Counsellor in August 2022. She has 11 years of experience working in various roles within the fields of education and employment support, and she has lived in the Yukon since 2018. Kate is passionate about helping individuals navigate their post-secondary journeys and career-building endeavors.

Lisa - Employment Assistant

Lisa joined Employment Central in January 2009. When you arrive at Employment Central this is usually the first person you will meet. Lisa holds her finger on the pulse of the labour market; her knowledge of local employers is astounding! Lisa moved to Whitehorse with her family in 1996 from Manitoba, and since them has become well-known in the Whitehorse community. Previous to working at Employment Central Lisa has worked in the retail, airline and transportation industries. Lisa is looking forward to helping our clients with their employment needs.

Carrie - Employment Assistant

Carrie joined the Employment Central team in July 2018.  Born and raised in the Yukon, Carrie loves animals, baking, sewing, and all outdoor activities. Carrie looks forward to assisting our clients with their employment needs. 

Dominika - Employment Assistant

Dominika joined the Employment central team in June 2022. Coming to the Yukon from Czech Republic in 2015, she is proud to be part of Yukon community and ready to assist our clients with their employment needs. She loves hiking, camping, skiing and everything around being outside all throughout the year. She is excited to learn more and support clients on their way through job search.

Employment Central is operated by Judy L Corley Consulting Inc. and is funded by Government of Yukon, Economic Development and Service Canada